Jeff Palmer

Jeff Palmerís intrigue spans on several different levels.
His ravishing good looks and sexual bravado have made him a top ranked gay porn star and, despite his popular position in the industry, does not use condoms. Palmer also moonlights as a singer and has released several moderately successful dance albums. He likes Kylie Minogue and is a devout Christian (he gives thanks to Jesus Christ on his adult homepage
Palmer will also talk about any of these topics with great passion (a typical Palmer response can span to several minutes) and in November the man himself sat down with to confirm, regardless of what comes his way, Jeff Palmer indubitably marches to the beat of his own slightly kooky drum.
Jeff Palmer Aaron Alper: Can you explain the VirusMyth website in a few short words?

Jeff Palmer: In a few short words for me it means fraud in the medicine field and the perfect attack on gay people.

So is the website trying to get people to question drug companies on a whole?

I just want people to see that we live in a world where gay people have always been hated. We have been hated, we are hated, and we will always be hated. And people can make profit out of that hate. I donít know, for twenty years we had this virus that deals with gay people and not the straight? I mean, what fuck? I want to show people that they are many sides to any story. You have the right to hear all the sides. As crazy as they sound, you do have the right and if someone says Ďthis is the story and thatís and youíre not allowed to hear any other storiesĎ, run. (laughter)

Do you ever find yourself rethinking your philosophies in certain moments?

No. I used to think and know what they wanted me to know. Then I started searching online. The media, you see, is in control and always will be in control but with the internet they arenít. You can go online and hear these crazy people and all of the crazy stories but sometimes it makes more sense then what you hear in the media. I want to make sure gay people can use their right and they canít be so naÔve that everyone loves faggots. The latest election proves that there are a lot of ignorant people out there who donít like faggots. That is always going to be the way. People will take advantage of you. They want to take advantage of you. What wonderful way to get rid of faggots. Give them poison medicine and make money along the way.

How can you be sure you're right?

My faith in Jesus Christ.

I have read that you have been threatened by otherpeople in the industry. How do you respond to that?

I have people who try to intimidate me but Iím an old horse. I may look young and be young but I am. Certain reactions are to be expected. It comes with the territory and I understand this.

People also accuse you of inspiring people to have unprotected sex? How do you feel about that?

Iíve been called the black sheep many times. Well if they follow me then Iíd be glad. If people follow me maybe they think what Iím doing makes sense. And I am not the only one. A lot of people are fucking bareback. If they want to do it itís their choice. I donít feel I am doing something bad.

Are you always going to make movies or do you see that ending anytime soon?

I never know with that. The career is very unpredictable. I can stop making movies tomorrow or I can do one tomorrow. Itís an unusual job because you give people an orgasm without even touching them. That is a wonderful feeling. I have been doing this since 1996 and it gets more fun with each movie. But then again sometimes you get a little jealous and selfish and say ĎYou know what? I want to devote my life to someone.í It can both ways at anytime.

What do you do when you run into people who are not emotionally equipped to be in the porn industry?

I am used to meeting people like that. I am used to meeting people who look at me with this hate. Theyíre in this business to famous, for reasons that donít qualify to be a porn star. I am not a porn star to be famous. If I wanted to be famous Iíd be an actor like Tom Cruise. I am a porn star because I am sexual exhibitionist and I like to share I like my sexuality with other gay adults.

Explain your music.

Music is another way I am an exhibitionist. I view [the songs] as babies. When you have a baby you want people to see them because they are very cute. I am a very protective daddy. I want them to have specific melodies and noises. I create music because I have this yearning. I want to share it with people and when someone says they love my music it is very unique.

In the vein of music who do you listening to these days?

Kylie Minogue. Sheís refreshing. Sheís a cool chick. Sheís a faggot in a womanís body (laughter). I love Christian Castro. My oh god, can he sing. But basically love women musicians. The women are the ones who make good music, you know?

O.k, one more question and then I will let you go. What is a life lesson youíve learned as Jeff Palmer?

Be aware of the power of thought and question everything no matter what.

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