Miss Kittin

Since 2001 Miss Kittin, aka Caroline Herve, has been lending her vocals to prominent dance artists like the Hacker, Golden Boy, and Felix da Housecat. Now with her first solo CD, ICom, Miss Kittin is proving to the world she is a DJ, musician and writer all her own. With slamming beats, driven melodies and thought provoking lyrics, Miss Kittin reveals as much as any musician can. But who is the real Miss Kittin? Join us, as Miss Kittin sits down with The Gazette to discuss the more important questions of life:

Miss Kittin enjoys some fruit Aaron Alper:How did you choose the name Miss Kittin?

Miss Kittin:I don’t know. I had 5 minutes before the flyer to my first show was printed.

Does it frustrate you that people pigeonhole as just a vocalist and not a DJ?

Not at all. It used to, but now I understand you get more response making any music because you leave a mark.

DJing is a very new and different form of musicianship. What comes to you first? The beat, the melody, the lyrics?

It´s different all the time. For my solo album the lyrics came first because I am better at playing with words than with machines, so it gave me a good starting imaginary point. When I work with other people, it can be a melody or beats. There´s no rules.

Singer/songwriter Tori Amos speaks of songs as being alive, and having a separate energy all by themselves. Your songs seem to have this, even when you are working with other people. How do you go about taking on these personas?

I think I feel alive while doing the tracks, and then when they are finished, they go away and have their own life. I tell stories more than I play roles or project myself into characters. I often talk at first person because it’s more effective, it touches more, but it doesn’t mean it’s me or a character, even if people want to believe it.

Name a dead musician you wish you had a chance to collaborate with.

Mozart, because he was crazy.

‘Allergic’ is a very confessional about being uncomfortable in your own skin. What kind of head-space were you in when you wrote it?

‘Allergic’ is more to show we all create our own diseases, because of stress, because we fight all the time to be "so fine". Hiding our weaknesses instead of accepting them
and talking about them. Its a manifesto about taking the right; we feel shit sometimes!
I just see that sometimes the audience prefers to think its all about me, but we’re all human.

Name a record you think everyone should hear.

KLF’s Chill Out. The ultimate ambient record before any one did it.

Name your top three favorite films.

2001: A Space Odyssey
Le Mepris (with Brigitte Bardot from Jean-Luc Godard, the king of Nouvelle Vague)

Finish the sentence: If you weren’t a DJ, you would be….

A writer or a painter

Will you be touring the United States anytime soon?

I am just back from the US tour! So next year maybe.

What are you working on now?

Waking up from my afternoon nap.

And finally Miss Kittin, what is a life lesson you have learned?

That nothing is forever.

Photos courtesy of Miss Kittin.com