Heart of Gold

I sang a song with. God. Love. To be. Life. We are. I am. I donít think you can say.

Myself. People. Not the point. Point?

I donít know if we have known. What else can you. Love. Anything.

Getting Tired.

I donít believe in. Hear. You do? You say? I donít believe in.

But that is. What is the. When should we. What else can.

Where do we aim. The Gun? How far do you have to. How far will it have.

Listening. Go? Say?

What is this mystery of.

I donít know if we are willing to. What can I.

I donít trust too many. Or do I?

Getting Old.

My own thoughts sometimes lead to hurtful actions against. Him. I donít think he is really. I donít if we are willing to. Maybe I do.

When should the battle. Give up? End?

I donít know if we have known. Love. Anything.

Tori's Version