New Age

The revolution will not come loudly, or so I believe. If it does come at all, I think it will be very quiet.
It would make sense that it would be quiet; if it were loud people would see it coming.
I feel like people should be like this too. Perhaps I am partial because it is a hallmark of my own personality,
but I feel people are quite grating when they are too loud about who they are.
Donít get me wrong, I donít have a problem with pride when it is used in the proper fashion,
but I have a problem when people are braggarts, when they give away their mystery. There is so much behind each face, each life, that when too much is given away too fast and too loudly, a visceral intrigue can be given away as well.
I feel like I have kept my personal intrigue and I have kept my quietude.
I know that these aspects of my personality may prevent me from getting to know a lot of people, and may contribute to love passing my window, but at the end of the of the day I must live by my own truths. I am not sure where I am going with this. Like I said, if and when the revolution comes, it will be soft and mysterious.

But I might be wrong.

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