Enjoy the Silence

I think I have truly led a charmed life. Life can be funny when you get exactly what you wish for.
Of course, I have had my own shit and I am not trying to be pretentious, but ultimately I canít complain.
When I first starting doing shows, people warned me that I could be led astray
and that I could get involved with people and things that might hurt me.
I was aware of this. Like I didnít know. I am not stupid.
I digressÖanyway; I thank my lucky stars I got involved with this world.
The lights, the adoration, the excitement of meeting new people everyday.
I donít think things could have worked out like this for me if I had gone into business management.
One night I met a man and he gave me a daughter.
I never saw him again, but the daughter he gave me has made me pray for and respect him.
People assume that a man leaving me with a child would be a bad thing. Not for me. I had money. I had a roof.
When my daughter came into my life, I realized I had never known love before her and that
I could never love anyone the way I love her.
Then she had my granddaughter, and more love came into my life.
It almost seems decadent, the amount of happiness I am feeling and have felt.
I would have never predicted it for myself. But here it is.
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, my charmed life. I sound like an asshole, donít I?
But this is what you asked me about.
So yeah, I am incredibly happy. Charged, with an energy that doesnít quit and that hasnít left me.
I owe it to my girls.
Now I am retired from dancing and if I didnít have them, I would be a miserable old broad
with a bad back and aching feet. But Iím not. I am so lucky. I am happy.
I feel so charmed.

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